Wigan Golf Club

The Course - Hole 2

392 yds

401 yds

410 yds

SI 4


Be wary of the sunken footpath 100 yards from the tee as Pedestrians have the right of way.

A long, straight & accurate drive is required here to give you a good chance at a score on stroke index 4, the 18th Green & Fairway is to your Left, players approaching the 18th Green should move to the side however if players are already on the Green please wait for them to clear before teeing off. A substantial, thick 'rough' between 2 & 18 can hamper your 2nd shot to the Green and the trees lining the Right side with the 3rd hole behind them have been known to swallow wayward drives without trace, a large Green is protected by front bunkers Left & Right, a Left pin position is a far trickier hole to attack.

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