Wigan Golf Club

The Course - Hole 13

448 yds

518 yds

534 yds

SI 1


Stroke index 1 has earned its reputation as a card destroyer in many stroke play rounds, the only hole on the course with no bunkers but defended by length, undulation and topiary. The fairway slopes from Right to Left until you are within 200 yards of the Green, so for a Right hander a slight fade Left of centre is ideal from the tee & will almost certainly result in a second shot with the ball above your feet, too far Right and you have an OOB pond sat in a area of thick rough to worry about. For your second shot pay close attention to the outcrop of trees that lie 150 yards from the Green on the Left, they stand in a steep gulley that waits for any errant balls sent that way, aiming Right here is no real comfort as trees and heavy rough lie this side, the middle is where you need to be. A well measured approach to a generous sized Green that sports subtle undulations is required as beyond lies a drop off towards the course boundary & OOB, Par is a great addition to the card here.

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