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At Wigan GC, there is something for everyone. The Ladies Section is a group of vibrant friendly ladies, who wholeheartedly welcome any new members and guests.

Wigan GC have recently become a signatory to The R&A Women in Golf Charter, and will be further developing a more inclusive culture within golf for more women and girls to develop across all levels of the sport. The commitments and targets we have setourselves will ensure that we continue to develop as a sport, and on all aspects of the club, from club governance to recruitment and retention.

Once you have joined as a member you should receive your membership pack. With it will include your Unique log in number and       information on how to gain access to the Members site on the Website. This will enable you to schedule and book in your competitions.










  • We have a very supportive Buddy System in place to support and help new members.
  • Reserved times can be pre-booked for working ladies. Just inform the Handicap Secretary that you will be playing later in the afternoon.
  • WGC recognises and embraces equality for all its members, and Ladies can subscribe to a Stepping Stone (for beginners), 5, 6, or 7 day membership, and you have the opportunity to play weekend golf, a great bonus for working ladies. Please see all information regarding Ladies membership. More


  • Ladies Competition day is Tuesday, and the Ladies have a reserved slot. If you fancy lunch after your game join the ladies for a catch up and some superb food
  • Club Competitions: Ladies, Gents, Mixed, Juniors v Ladies & Gents.
  • Inter Club Competitions – Bronze & Silver Leagues.  Team Comps for example, District Trophy, Shield Matches.
  • Lady Captain’s ‘Fun Filled’ Away Day
  • WGC Ladies Open.
  • Exchange Day.


  • Lots of opportunity to play Social Golf and to meet some lovely friends.
  • Presentation evenings are packed full of fun and lots of laughter.
  • We have a packed social calendar with a variety of entertainment.
  • Enjoy a lovely meal and a chilled wine whilst enjoying the panoramic scenery & wildlife looking out over the Moat.
  • During winter we have a 9 hole ‘FUN’ comp on a Tuesday. You can hear the laughter all around the course …………… 123 Waltz and the String comp to name but a few.
  • Bridge is normally played on a Tuesday afternoon, and you would be very welcomed


It all sounds too good to be true …….

Come and try it you’ll never look back, take a look at what some of

our members say about their experiences as a member of Wigan Golf Club



I joined WGC in 2013 with my husband, after being a member at a Golf Club attached to a municipal course for a number of years. The main thing that attracted me to joining WGC was, the opportunity to play competitive golf both in club competitions and representing WGC versus other clubs. I work full time, and joined originally as a 6 day member, but, the fact that as a Lady member I now have complete equality with our other members, this has enabled me to switch to a 7 day membership. This gives me the added bonus to play any day of the week and the big benefit to me is weekend competition golf. We have an amazing Ladies section and since joining I was welcomed with open arms as a new member. Working full time there is always someone willing to partner you in competitions (whether it’s early mornings or evenings). Tuesday, if your plans change at short notice, there’s always someone there to help out. Our presentation evenings are always great fun and well attended (the envy of the men’s section), and I have made a lot of valued friends over the last 7 years. Outside of the Ladies section, we have some fabulous club social events that are great fun. We have had some brilliant evenings with varied entertainment that we have enjoyed, with the new friends that we have made. Not to forget our fabulous catering team Phil and Michelle they have proved a life saver for me, some evenings after a long day travelling with work. Popping into WGC means not having to cook, and who wouldn’t want the chance to sample Phil’s legendary cheesecake !!!!    7 DAY MEMBER (LADY)


I have been a member of Wigan Golf Club for 35 years and was Lady Captain in 2002 when Wigan became 18 holes - thank goodness!

WGC has a ‘Special’ Ladies section, and anyone that joins the club soon realises the heart that beats within it.  Seniors, members and new members alike build friendships, and have enjoyed lots of golf and fun days and nights over the years, it really has been excellent. I truly hope that new lady members have felt very welcomed and enjoyed the camaraderie of the Ladies section. Golf has had to change over the years, to cater for the diverse requirement of lifestyles.  With regards to the recruitment of most younger ladies, who work, it is fantastic that ladies can now play in competitions on Saturdays.  We need these ladies to take over the mantle.

Men and Ladies need to be able to play together or separately to keep the enjoyment of golf going and Wigan has taken this on board and encompassed equality within golf. Wigan Golf Club, whilst still maintaining its traditional values, has made great strides into the modern era. 6 DAY MEMBER (LADY)


I had never played golf before! I came through the ranks of the Arley Academy coached by Tony Byrom, and met lots of like-minded new friends.  My first occasion on the course was in Winter of 2018, and if ever I was going to give up golf, it was then, but the comradery of fellow Stepping Stone Members and the WGC members spurred me on. I recognised quite quickly that being protected inside the Academy walls with Tony correcting my grip, stance, and many other habits, was totally different from standing on the 1st Tee . Everyone was patient and totally supportive.  I had no problem in finding a ‘friend’ to venture out onto the course with me.  We became ‘all weather’ Buddies.

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