Wigan Golf Club

Entrant List for Mens Spring Team Open

44 players have been signed up for this competition as of 3:23 AM Monday 15th April

Hammud Al-Khatib (Grand National)
David Baxter (Morecambe)
Paul Bazley (Grand National)
Michael Bellamy (Morecambe)
John Carroll (Chorley Golf Club)
Paul Charnley (Morecambe)
Barry Cragg (Morecambe)
David Dale (Morecambe)
Barry Darbyshire (Chorley Golf Club)
George Darbyshire (Chorley Golf Club)
Graham Eckersall (Morecambe)
John Feather (Morecambe)
Mick Gardiner (Chorley Golf Club)
William Heald (Chorley Golf Club)
Keith Howe (Brocton Hall)
Frank Hyson (Widnes)
Myke James (Morecambe)
Peter Manley (Morecambe)
Ian McCloy (Bromborough)
Brian McNulty (Widnes)
John Melling (Chorley Golf Club)
Nigel Metcalfe (Brocton Hall)
William Morris (Morecambe)
Barry Parkinson (Chorley Golf Club)
Ian Robert Reid (Morecambe)
James Rigby (Morecambe)
Antony Shaw (Widnes)
Neville Shaw (Chorley Golf Club)
Colin Suthers (19.0)
S Thomas (Park)
David Thompson (Brocton Hall)
Danny Tighe (Chorley Golf Club)
Michael Verity (Morecambe)
Tony Wade (Morecambe)
Tony Walsh (Chorley Golf Club)
David Williams (Grand National)
Jim Wilson (Morecambe)
Keith Winrow (Chorley Golf Club)
Gareth Woodberry (Brocton Hall)
Jimmy Wrennall (Chorley Golf Club)
Dave Yarwood (Grand National)

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